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27 December 2007 @ 09:02 am
Tentacles are Tastey!!! :D  
It was Jon's father's birthday last night so we had his dinner at a Japanese place called Geisha. DELICIOUS! lol I apologise I get very excited about food. Anyhoo, I ate my frist squid, courtesy of Rex. Yummy is all I can say and nothing is better than grossing out jon with the tentacles! Muahaha. Probably my new favorite food.
We had a good Christmas (two of them actually). We got a new microwave and plenty of new towels that smell like flowers.
Today is the day I incubate the spiderlings, so I shall have to pick up some supplies on the way home. So, like I said if anyone on livejournal would like a baby tarantula let me know. :)I hope the eggs are fertile.
I am now focused on getting a toucan. Yes you read correctly, toucan. I would love a bird. We have our scaley friends but I want something fluffy! lol Toucans are the perfect birds too! They are quiet, can amuse themselves, are very playful, aren't as messy as parrots, can be trained, are cuddly, etc. I'm trying to get Jon to allow me the privilledge of owning one but idk. I'm actually thinking that after the burm, and the toucan (if it happens) I'll only want to pick up one or two snakes at the show. That's a good deal right? lol I'm also going to build my own cages this year. They're going to be gorgeous!
Well, I have been informed that it's time to get ready for work. so....bye!

-Tora (one time i said ccchhhhaaaaaaarrrriiiiizaaaaaaaard!)
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Wilting Lillyverloren_alleen on December 28th, 2007 05:49 am (UTC)
Squid?! Grooooooooooosss....Tora not buying any new critters? I do not believe it :P Getting a toucan would be so cool! Can you get a toucan? Where does one purchase a toucan? Isn't toucan a fun word to type?
torauko: Wolf Sightorauko on December 28th, 2007 08:50 pm (UTC)
but so yummmmmmyyyyy
Yes I believe our little place is going to reach it's limit lol THere's one type of boa that Jon and I want and maybe one or two more snakes I would like. And that's about it. Plus if we get a bird that would take up some space.

Yeah you can get toucans. I was going to get a smaller species but idk. THe breeder advertised that they were just as messy as parrots but I asked someone else and they said they were way messier. *shrug* So we might get some other type of birdie. Which would be cool as well. I guess we'll go see the toucans and check em out.