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23 December 2007 @ 01:13 pm
*Crawls into existance once more...*  
Hey there livejournal!
Yes, I have come back from the dead for a while. Now everbody, don't get excited all at once.
Life is continuing on as usual. I'm still here, still fluffy on the inside and still chillin with the reptilian. Jon is at work currently so I'm hanging out in bed before I venture off to Emily's. I've finished my xmas shopping. Not everyone got something but my three main homies did cuz I love em and they put up with me and that needs to be rewarded.
The snakes and reptiles are great, most of which are settling down for the winter and getting ready to breed for me. Candice (my rose hair tarantula) has an eggsack and I am expecting 100-500 little ones if it is fertile. So if you want a baby tarantula let me know! (At this point I forgot what I was about to write about).
New Years is comming up. Means I got to go through my shit and clean house. Boyfriend says that if I keep it clean till V-Day I can have a baby Burmese Python! YAY! We're also getting a Pleo one day. It's a robotic dino. To find out more go to pleoworld.com or search youtube.
I quit smoking I guess. I'm not too happy about it. I mean, I was going to quit at age 25 but what with the failing health of my elders due to tobacco I guess I shouldn't anymore. My grandpa is 82 I think and starting to go. But do I really want to live to be that old? Where everyone treats me like a child? Idk. My Nana is stating to go due to liver cancer. She doesn't do anything wth her life anymore except for see us. She locks herself in her apartment with her television. I don't know... We'll see how this whole thing goes.
Anyhoot, I have to get going to Emily's. I just wanted to type out a journal before I forgot to do so. Type at you later livejournal. Ta ta.

-Tora (loves mutant cat eared dinos named Ruben)
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Wilting Lillyverloren_alleen on December 26th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
I is sorry about the grandparents, why didn't you mention anything? We need to get together or at least talk more, I miss you and our chats. *hug* Hope you had a bountiful x-mas and I will see/talk to you soon
Lilly <3