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28 February 2007 @ 01:13 pm
Packing Is Neither Tight Nor Sweet  
Hey there, its me again... probably.
I get to pack today.... oh joy. At least I don't have a lot of crap. I can try and get rid of stuff too.
Yesterday, Niccolette took some pretty riske pictures of me and Alice, my gravid female boa constrictor. I've been looking at albino boas recently, one day I will have one! Morphs aren't a huge deal to me, I mean, I love normal coloring and patterns on snakes, with a few exceptions (i.e. Black Bloods, & Jaguar Carpets because they're just freakin sweet). The pictures of Alice are awesome though, thank you Niccolette Twilight! I can't wait till she comes over to shoot the whole crew.
I also can't wait ot get a place of my own, when I do, hopefully by september for the NARBC, I am going to reward myself with a False Water Cobra! Eeee! Excitedness.
My plan so far, is to stay at my parents and work at Petsmart and Deb's Dragons. While I have my Petsmart Job, after I officially get my liscencce I am going to see about getting a deskjob/apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. When that is done I will quit Petsmart take on Tattoo full time with Dragons as a part time, and make bank! Then I will move out with Jonathan (when he is ready/ other people) and finally feel successful! Granted, I only have four months to do this. When the four months is up my animals get kicked out. It will be a challenge....but I think it is a challenge that I need.
Pics to come soon once Nicco sends me the rest.
Current Mood: determineddetermined