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03 March 2008 @ 10:34 pm

I have moved my journal. I will be posting here either never or hardly at all. If you would like to read my new journal my new name is YAKOYASEI
okee dokee?
oh yeah, and it's friends only. Comment to be added. kthxbai <3
29 December 2007 @ 11:22 am
Dante and Alice have done the deed and I couldn't be more thrilled! woohoo!
I can't wait to see what the kids look like! Dante is such a looker I hope they comeout like him. Jon has agreed to let me keep pick of the litter.
Turns out the taratula eggs are fertile too! I'm incubating them now.
Looks like we're going to have a prosperous season ahead of us! Yay!

I have to go finish my hair and go run arrend before work, I was just excited! :P
Will also be changing lj layout for the new year. Cheers!

-Tora (*pops open a bottle of champagin!*)
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27 December 2007 @ 09:02 am
It was Jon's father's birthday last night so we had his dinner at a Japanese place called Geisha. DELICIOUS! lol I apologise I get very excited about food. Anyhoo, I ate my frist squid, courtesy of Rex. Yummy is all I can say and nothing is better than grossing out jon with the tentacles! Muahaha. Probably my new favorite food.
We had a good Christmas (two of them actually). We got a new microwave and plenty of new towels that smell like flowers.
Today is the day I incubate the spiderlings, so I shall have to pick up some supplies on the way home. So, like I said if anyone on livejournal would like a baby tarantula let me know. :)I hope the eggs are fertile.
I am now focused on getting a toucan. Yes you read correctly, toucan. I would love a bird. We have our scaley friends but I want something fluffy! lol Toucans are the perfect birds too! They are quiet, can amuse themselves, are very playful, aren't as messy as parrots, can be trained, are cuddly, etc. I'm trying to get Jon to allow me the privilledge of owning one but idk. I'm actually thinking that after the burm, and the toucan (if it happens) I'll only want to pick up one or two snakes at the show. That's a good deal right? lol I'm also going to build my own cages this year. They're going to be gorgeous!
Well, I have been informed that it's time to get ready for work. so....bye!

-Tora (one time i said ccchhhhaaaaaaarrrriiiiizaaaaaaaard!)
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23 December 2007 @ 01:13 pm
Hey there livejournal!
Yes, I have come back from the dead for a while. Now everbody, don't get excited all at once.
Life is continuing on as usual. I'm still here, still fluffy on the inside and still chillin with the reptilian. Jon is at work currently so I'm hanging out in bed before I venture off to Emily's. I've finished my xmas shopping. Not everyone got something but my three main homies did cuz I love em and they put up with me and that needs to be rewarded.
The snakes and reptiles are great, most of which are settling down for the winter and getting ready to breed for me. Candice (my rose hair tarantula) has an eggsack and I am expecting 100-500 little ones if it is fertile. So if you want a baby tarantula let me know! (At this point I forgot what I was about to write about).
New Years is comming up. Means I got to go through my shit and clean house. Boyfriend says that if I keep it clean till V-Day I can have a baby Burmese Python! YAY! We're also getting a Pleo one day. It's a robotic dino. To find out more go to pleoworld.com or search youtube.
I quit smoking I guess. I'm not too happy about it. I mean, I was going to quit at age 25 but what with the failing health of my elders due to tobacco I guess I shouldn't anymore. My grandpa is 82 I think and starting to go. But do I really want to live to be that old? Where everyone treats me like a child? Idk. My Nana is stating to go due to liver cancer. She doesn't do anything wth her life anymore except for see us. She locks herself in her apartment with her television. I don't know... We'll see how this whole thing goes.
Anyhoot, I have to get going to Emily's. I just wanted to type out a journal before I forgot to do so. Type at you later livejournal. Ta ta.

-Tora (loves mutant cat eared dinos named Ruben)
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09 November 2007 @ 10:36 am
I have a job!
Damn the universe couldn't have cut it closer could they? After lots of apps filled out and 9 interviews everywhere, I finally have someplace to work. Hopefully, in time.
I will be working at the Pita Pit making pitas (which I heard were very tastey)! No benefits, but I'm not really being picky right now. I can make rent while I continue my quest for a just that pays enough (enough meaning steady income worth enough to think about getting a house). Perhaps I'll go back to school for that, but I don't know.
Anyway, I can finally enjoy a job where I don't have to listen to people who abuse their animals, I don't have to clean up poop or watch creatures die. I want a job where I don't take it home as emotional bagage at the end of the day, and this is it. I get to make sandwiches (and eat them for free! :D)in an environment where workers are like famly. I am excited. I start training tomorrow.
Lol, sorry it's just such a huge relief.
No other news really. I've confined myself to the appartment to avoid wasting gas or spending money. The animals are a joy as always but I talk about them to much (or not enough lol). Jon and I have been discussing moving to Oregon one day. California is too expensive for me and So. Cal is overrated. Both our familes intend on retireing up north so that would also keep us closer to them. Plus it's beautiful up there! Rivers you can swim in redwoods that go right up to the ocean! And you are allowed to keep venomous snakes (provided you have a permit) which is something I want to do one day. All I think about is the day we will have a house together. I've already got the blue prints for the reptile room in my head haha. I also want a koi pond, bog garden (garden for carnivorous plants), and some outdoor enclosures for the lizards. A GOOD dishwasher is clutch as well, and one whole bed (not our two beds smushed together that create a crevass in the middle where you fall in).
I can't really think of anything else.
I guess I've become kind of dull.
I'll update with pics or something soon.
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08 November 2007 @ 05:06 pm
I was told it would premire on mtv/fuse but I don't have cable! lol After a month or so of waiting it's finally on the net! I hope you enjoy!
The snakes in the video are Anya (cornsnake), Sebastian (Ball Python) and Dante (Boa Constrictor). You can see their pics on my myspace and my website geocities.com/rainbowserpentreptiles
07 November 2007 @ 09:06 am
19 July 2007 @ 03:18 pm
Looks like I haven't updated in forever...
Well I'll give you the best of the good and the bad.
My parent's kicked me out of their house, so Jonathan and I found an apartment. It's been wonderful living with himn. I now work at Valencia pet, which is an alright place. Lately I've been working full time open to close.
I've discovered the World of Warcraft, so if you play, let me know. The animals are great. The lizards own the house, and walk around like dogs. Loki sleeps under Jon's pillow everynight, and Murray has gone crazy (by whic I mean tries to eat my thong and thinks Jon's toes must be the best toy in the world). Sebastian has a girlfriend, so hopefully I will get some more baby boas and some ball pythons soon, and some baby cornsnakes next year. I am planning on making a career out of breeding.

This morning I found out that my Uncle (the only one I like that's still alive) has just been diagnosed with a diesease that will basically turn his lungs to jelly and make it harder and harder to breathe until he can't anymore. Also, that my nana may very well likey have liver cancer and that the doctor has discovered lumps on my mothers thyroid. They said it's only a 5-10% chance that she may have cancer, yet I am still worried. I went to the doctor today to figure out what is causing my anxiety attacks, and she wants to examine my thryroid as promblems with it are genetic. I am hoping it will be nothing, because my mom has gone through hell trying to fix hers.

So please excuse me if I am not in the mood to socialize. All I really want to do is hang out in my own little world.
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28 February 2007 @ 01:13 pm
Hey there, its me again... probably.
I get to pack today.... oh joy. At least I don't have a lot of crap. I can try and get rid of stuff too.
Yesterday, Niccolette took some pretty riske pictures of me and Alice, my gravid female boa constrictor. I've been looking at albino boas recently, one day I will have one! Morphs aren't a huge deal to me, I mean, I love normal coloring and patterns on snakes, with a few exceptions (i.e. Black Bloods, & Jaguar Carpets because they're just freakin sweet). The pictures of Alice are awesome though, thank you Niccolette Twilight! I can't wait till she comes over to shoot the whole crew.
I also can't wait ot get a place of my own, when I do, hopefully by september for the NARBC, I am going to reward myself with a False Water Cobra! Eeee! Excitedness.
My plan so far, is to stay at my parents and work at Petsmart and Deb's Dragons. While I have my Petsmart Job, after I officially get my liscencce I am going to see about getting a deskjob/apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. When that is done I will quit Petsmart take on Tattoo full time with Dragons as a part time, and make bank! Then I will move out with Jonathan (when he is ready/ other people) and finally feel successful! Granted, I only have four months to do this. When the four months is up my animals get kicked out. It will be a challenge....but I think it is a challenge that I need.
Pics to come soon once Nicco sends me the rest.
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22 February 2007 @ 12:31 pm
I am so sleepy...
I have my first Right Way driving lesson today. My Dad signed me up in hopes of me getting my liscence faster, he say a week from tomorrow I should be able to drive on my own. sweet.
Arg. Life is not going as I planned it woud be.
I am not going to be able to make money from Deb's Dragons for another month. So I am going to find a part time job until bussiness picks up. (My tummy hurtz :( )
I am going to have to live with my parents again for a couple of months until I can save enough to move out with Jon and whoever else depending. I am not too thrilled, but it is the only thing that makes sense. I am financillay unstable and unable to pay March's rent. I feel terrible, but I am not going to freeload off of Danette and James. That's just not possible for me. At least my Dad will let me keep the animals. If I couldn't I don't know what I'd do... they're my life.
Oh yes, I got Alice the day before yesterday. She's nice and pregnant, and I wonder how many babies she'll produce. *Excitement* XD At least boas give live birth so I won't have to worry about incubation with everything else going on.
Ummm... not a whole lot else. wish me luck on my lesson!
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